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Atakku and I finished!

wooaaaaah we finisheeddd!!! :D :D :D :D


WIP Collaboration with Atakku

:D We’re doing a collab together for AWA artist alley! :D :D :D :D :D Travis & I thought up the composition and then i drew in the rough while he did line art. This is gonna look so goooooooooood.



Let us also not forget about the early concepts for Hershel Layton, being drawn in Ace Attorney’s style for PLvsAA

Never forget that we almost had buff daddy Layton

Can we just… Can we just call him Butt Daddy Layton from now on?

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Why does the internet hate CMYK… T: posting this cause you guys only saw body pillow version which was crappy version.

I put a body pillow of this up for auction at Otakon and theacuteangle won the bid! I ordered two online just in case for printing mistakes and the one that I have with me had scratches here and there. So that one’s for me I guess… >_> …. ??? 

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. im tired.


I got to do a short animation recently for Fox ADHD! 8 billion trillion dogs crammed into two weeks. Super grateful and mystified to work with these cool people, especially since my things are pretty pg/cute for their audience. You can watch it [here!

This speaks to my inner self… every time i encounter dogs i just wanna… STEAL EM. or pet them at least. D:

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Laughing way too hard at this XD OMG…

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Hello! Just wanted to share that I was the one who won the auction on your Kaworu and Shinji dakimakura from the Otakon art show! It's the most beautiful thing ever and definitely my favorite thing in my room now. (: I'm going to post at least one picture once I get it properly stuffed!
atakku atakku Said:

Ahhhhh!!! :D I had to leave on sunday early so I didn’t get a chance to see who bid on the dakimakura!! :D :D :D :D Thank you SO MUCH!!!! It makes me really happy to know that you like it!!


SELLING AT OTAKON ART SHOW 2014!!! WILL BE PRINTED IN 11” x 17” and FRAMED. still deciding on base price…